Dear Natomas, 

After some prayer, and deep and encouraging conversations from family, friends, and community leaders, I’ve decided to run for re-election to Natomas Unified School Board.  

Board service has been a journey for me—it’s one that I’m proud of and I’d love to continue with your support.  

As the youngest Black American elected to the Board in 2016, I felt the lessons I learned from growing up in South Central Los Angeles and being the child of immigrants would bring a different perspective to the Board. One thing I’ve learned in life is that some of the most salient lessons we’re taught can happen in the most interesting ways; and that just because your experiences may be somewhat different, it doesn’t make them any less valuable.  

That’s why my goal has always been to make our district culture more empathetic to the challenges faced by parents, teachers, and students.  And I believe that work is starting to pay off.  

Natomas Unified is the second most diverse school district in the nation, is home to engaging college and career pathways, an international baccalaureate program, and boasts some of the highest graduation rates in Sacramento County. The Board has made major investments upgrading our schools, classrooms, and athletic facilities to be ultramodern learning environments where students can thrive, explore, and find their passion.  

These accomplishments make me proud.  

Now, as the father of a child who attends a Natomas school, I have a new lens and perspective on life and education. Being a parent has given me a deeper appreciation of the challenges in our education system and how difficult it can be to navigate. And I take the humbling lessons of parenthood with me into each Board meeting.   

No school district is perfect—we have a lot of work to do to improve literacy rates and math scores. As a Board Member, I take this responsibility seriously. These scores sit on my conscience daily as I meet with education leaders, parents, teachers, and students about ways to improve outcomes and provide the resources and support necessary to turn things around. I know and believe it can be done. 

I want to partner with you to achieve success and to continue breaking barriers and building futures for our youth. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.  

See you on the campaign trail.