But this board mostly needs teamwork, which is why we endorse Micah Grant, a 29-year-old community volunteer and press secretary at the Board of Equalization who knows the district and has strong interpersonal skills.

The Sacramento Bee

Micah’s principled plan to invest in students, advocate for parental rights, support teachers, increase safety and broaden parental access and transparency to district governance has earned my strong support. 

Ryan Herche, Natomas Unified School District Trustee

Micah is a strong supporter of parent’s rights to choose the direction of their child’s education. He is a compelling force for quality, innovative educational opportunities.

Charlie Leo, Cofounder, Natomas Charter School

Micah Grant will be a strong ally in the fight for local control over education.

Senator Bob Huff, Member, Senate Education Committee

My friend Micah cares deeply about his community and is dedicated to the needs of students and parents in Natomas. Micah is a tireless worker with integrity – I trust him to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Ken Barnes, Robla Unified School District Trustee

Since the moment I met Micah I have been struck by his desire to improve the world around him. Micah’s constant community engagement, desire to learn and teach others, personal narrative of triumph in the face of adversity, and ability to bring people together has earned my support.

Jeremy D. Greene, MA, NCSP, Natomas Unified School Psychologist

I have complete confidence that Micah will do what’s in the best interests of parents, students and teachers.

George Runner, Member, Board of Equalization / Founder, Desert Christian Schools

Micah’s policy background and personal experiences will make him a great addition to the board. He understands the obstacles that impede student learning and will help break down those barriers so that every child can receive a world-class education.

Craig Deluz, Robla Unified School Board President

It’s clear Micah supports teachers and understands the unique challenges we face. He’s dedicated, level-headed, and very open to input. He has my support.

Elizabeth Toney-Mangrum, Teacher, Natomas Gateways Middle School

I support Micah because he’ll help bring positive changes to Natomas Unified and will always keep taxpayer interests in mind. The Board needs someone who will look for ways to provide value to parents and the community. I believe Micah is that person.

Jag Bains, Sacramento County Engineer, Former Natomas Unified School Board Candidate

Micah and I share similar life experiences. He’s in tune with the needs of the community and will be an excellent Board Member.

HK Allen, Former PTA President, Leroy F. Greene Middle School

Micah is a former Division I athlete who understands the importance of athletic programs and the role they play in student learning. Strong athletic programs are part of a complete educational experience and can be very empowering. Micah understands this and he has my support.

Coach Terrance Leonard Sr., TMP Elite / Inderkum High School Junior Varsity Head Football Coach

Micah has the right attitude, unique experience, and can see the big picture. There’s no doubt that Micah’s number one priority as a board member will be Natomas school children.

Gary Davis, Mayor of Elk Grove / Former Natomas Unified School Board President

Micah is a man of integrity who puts the needs of others before his own. I have the utmost faith in his commitment to providing life-changing educational opportunities for those who need them most.

Pastor Larry Meeks, Williams Memorial COGIC/ Former Natomas Unified School Board Member

Micah is committed to ensuring that our students have safe and modern school facilities equipped for their success and will lead the way to create new opportunities in vocational education.

Tim Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange