About Micah Grant

As a Natomas resident and a father of a young daughter, Micah Grant is committed to ensuring that children in Natomas receive a quality education to launch them into successful lives. He works tirelessly to bring innovative solutions that directly benefit students, their families, and the community.  

Experienced and Tested 

Micah was elected to the Natomas Unified School District 2016 and re-elected in 2020. He has been instrumental in helping the district navigate through challenging times, including encouraging officials to re-open schools earlier than most during the COVID pandemic as he advocated on the behalf of children who relied on in-person instruction for academic growth, access to meals, social development, and services they otherwise were not receiving virtually. He also has helped the board and district work through the alarming trend of volatility in educational issues while being a strong advocate for parents and ensuring educators have the support they need.  

Improving Educational Outcomes for All Students 

Above all, Micah makes decisions that drive real-world results. He brings a practical mindset focused on meeting the needs of students of all backgrounds and aspirations.  

His many achievements include: 

  • Launching the district’s Barbering and Cosmetology Career Technical Education program, with the adult program slated to launch in fall 2024.
  • Working with rigor to ensure NUSD schools are International Baccalaureate certified so NUSD students can participate in the academic program that positions them to attend prestigious universities. 
  • Creating a career counseling program for student athletes on the NCAA path.
  • Launching a virtual academy to reach students where they are.
  • Significantly increasing investments in special education.
  • Creating a facilities masterplan to make sure schools are state-of-the-art and have the tech and resources needed for students to succeed.  


At the root of Micah’s accomplishments are the lessons he learned as a child of immigrants living in South Central Los Angeles. While navigating gangs, street violence, and rough and tumble relationships with five brothers, Micah learned how to harness the power of negotiation. After graduating from UC Davis with a BA in Communications, he landed a job in the Governor’s Office. Micah earned an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and launched into a political career, serving as communications consultant to both houses of the state Legislature, adviser to Ryan Herche for Natomas campaign; press secretary for the California State Board of Equalization; and chief of staff for a California State Assemblymember. 

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