Truly, this Easter is different. There’s no escaping that these times have denied many of us the opportunity to gather in church. We miss the large fellowship. It hurts our hearts as traditional touchstones of the day, such as the big family dinner, and the community gatherings, will have to wait for another year.

While we are denied our traditions for now, God’s gift is never denied us. We feel the absence today, but in the eternal realm of God, all this we have endured, and will endure, is for God but the blink of an eye. This is a good time to count our blessings, and to recall that we’ve come through hard times before, and we will rise above them again. Soon enough, the tribulations of today will recede, and our traditions will be restored.

Let us take heart as we recall that the holy days of Easter are the fulfillment of God’s gift to us, when he gave over Jesus, his only begotten Son, to the worldly powers of that day. The miracle of his resurrection seals God’s covenant that we may enjoy eternal life.

He is risen, and we are blessed. May this joyous Easter find you and yours in good health and warm heart. Even if separated for now, may you find comfort knowing you are joined in spirit, and in God’s love, with your family, your friends, and millions more around the world. 

Happy Easter from the Grant Family to yours!